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How to get into NIFT Patna: With AFS Patna, Best Nift coaching in patna:

If you want to make a big splash in the fashion design industry, then choosing the right coaching centre is the best place to start your future. Nowadays fashion design may not be everybody's choice of career, but if you have talent in this field, there are plenty of opportunities available for you where you can build your life. There are many things you need to look for when choosing your best fashion design coaching. Now if you are in Patna then don’t think twice just go and get your admission in AFS Patna one of the best NIFT coachings in Patna. Although there are many coaching institutes in Patna, what makes AFS Patna unique. Let's take a look at the main things you need to assess.

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Why AFS Patna:

There are various NIFT coaching in Patna that offers courses to become a fashion designer, however, if you want to improve the possibility of jump-starting your career you must try to choose an AFS Patna that is good, prestigious and prominent. However, keep in mind that NIFT coaching in Patna with reputations are very selective when it comes to choosing new students.

What we Offer:

AFS Patna is one of the top NIFT coachings in Patna. Brainstorming and other idea-generating techniques we do exercise to develop the mind with different ideas. Understanding your sketching tools. Our faculty teaches you how to start drawing and freehand sketching. Basics design we teach. We prepare our students on how to use design for these exams. Composing their skills. Innovative writing skills for design. We help them with how to make colouring easy. Theme appreciation is very important for the students in NIFT Patna. Every student has to handle situation reaction. Maths, logical reasoning and English (for the relevant exam) which held. Mock tests to build up your speed and confidence among students. NIFT Patna is one of the best and unique coaching centre. If you have a particular area of the industry you want to focus on, such as women's casual wear, then it's important that you find a fashion design coaching i.e AFS Patna which is strong in this field. Also, look at what the NIFT coaching in Patna has to offer. We also have a history of participating in fashion design competitions, and right now we are handling many other projects that help to take students out into the fashion world.

AFS Postal Training Program:

AFS Patna also provides Postal classes who cannot come down for the classroom program. It is a classroom at your doorstep easy and smooth for our NIFT Patna students. We prepared them by a highly expert team with a view to training students at their home. We can assure you that you will fall in love with it and enjoy every part of your training for NIFT coaching in Patna and other exams. Designed for students who want to get into the premier institute for fashion design in India. The package covers a set of books which covers all the relevant topics for the entrance exam of our institutes. Our aimed to make you understand what creativity is all about and how to get your mind going with new ideas that are required to attempt a design school entrance exam. Our teaching staff is extremely good than know how to groom each and every student over here. Our teaching faculty helps the students in various ways. AFS Patna also provides scholarship facilities. If you have talent, you may be able to win a scholarship. So found out from us what scholarships we offer, and what sort of terms we have.


AFS Patna faculties are the aluminises of NIFT and other top art and design coaching in Patna. They are very qualified, experienced and trained to enable students to crack entrance exams with ease. Our devoted and enthusiastic instructors nurture the original creativity level of the students, boost and improve their confidence to be the best and ensure that students must follow a methodical and winning approach. Our teaching not only prepares students for entrance exams but also help them to become accustomed to the competencies of design institutes after their selection in NIFT. In Patna, there are many other NIFT coaching but we are the best.

Study Material and Infrastructure:

AFS Patna offers inclusive, result in oriented study material designed by alumni of the top fashion institute’s. The course material covers all areas tested in fashion entrance exams i.e NIFT Studio Test, Situation Test, Portfolio Guidance, Personal Interview etc. It is original as well as applicable, easy to understand regularly updated by the subject experts. There are many other coaching institutes in Patna but we are only one whom you can rely on i.e NIFT coaching. We have a special library in AFS Patna it is the epitome of information. It has exclusive collections of books on each relevant subject. These books are available for the student throughout the year and free of cost. Classrooms are prepared with the latest and state-of-the-art infrastructure to allow audio and visual-based learning.


Both the students and faculty working setting is friendly and competitive. Regular Mock Tests and assignments improve design aspirants confidence. Regular reviews of the mocks encourage and boost up the knowledge level of the students in NIFT coaching in Patna. A separate file is maintained for each student. The shortcomings and strengths are carefully recorded and the student is guided to improve accordingly as well as smoothly. Doubt clearing sessions are conducted every week and our experienced faculty personally attend to all the doubts of the student. This creates a unified learning environment and increases the student's confidence to take on the exams. There are many coaching in Patna but the best one is AFS Patna. Our administration department is very strict not only for students but also for our teaching faculty. In AFS Patna everyone knows the job what they have to do and produce best his or her ability.


AFS Patna has been constantly producing Top Ranker's in Design entrance exams in India every year. Our experience has enriched our skill to provide students with the best coaching. Today, AFS has become identical with quality coaching for and other Design Entrance Exams across India. So if you are planning to choose your career as a top fashion designer then come and enrol yourself in AFS Patna.

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