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Last minute tips for NIFT entrance exams:

Will you be taking the upcoming NIFT entrance exams? After all the cramming up you have been doing for the past few months, it would be a relief to finally get to the finish line, wouldn't it? We have just the thing for you. In today's blog, we have put together a few last minute tips for NIFT entrance exams. These will help you make sure you perform to your full potential at the day of the exam and crack the NIFT entrance exams.

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Be Imaginative:

While doing your final prep for the NIFT entrance exams, it is essential that you start finding creative ways to solve questions in the CAT and GAT parts of the test. The test not only tests the knowledge of each candidate but the power of imagination of each as well. With the increasing competition, it is important that you not ace the scholastic part of the test, but the drawing and creativity part of the entrance exam as well.

Speed is the Key:

The folks who set the question paper for the upcoming NIFAT entrance exams not only want to test each candidate's creative and scholastic ability but also their ability to solve questions under duress in a limited amount of time as well. In the field of fashion, where trends go in and out of fashion in the blink of an eye, it is absolutely essential that fashion designers are able to perform well under pressure and meet tight deadlines, and so the NIFT entrance exams test this essential trait during the entrance exams.

Solve Sample Papers

Practice is the key to success, we have heard this saying countless times but never really understand its true significance. However, we at AFS Patna make sure you don't forget this crucial point going into the most important day of your lives. Practising with sample papers and past year question papers will familiarize you with the testing pattern and help you solve questions faster on the final day of the exam. A lot of times, you may even find a definite pattern in the types of questions asked which you can then focus on during your preparations. This way, you study smartly and score better than your peers in the upcoming NIFT entrance exams.

Brush up your drawing

If you are looking to make your career in the field of designing and fashion, it is absolutely essential that you have an astute knowledge of various drawing and sketching techniques, and know how to perform well under pressure. Your creativity and thinking skills will not help you much in the NIFT entrance exams if you can’t sketch out your imagination on the answer paper. So before putting aside your drawing aisles before the upcoming NIFT entrance exams, it is important you practice the various sketching techniques required for the upcoming exams. To make sure you perform well on the final day of the exam, try practising your drawing while keeping the eraser away and sketching with a light hand.

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