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Life After NIFT:

Decided to make fashion and design your first career choice? Are you looking for information about the various career scopes after getting a Designing degree and the best coaching institutes for NIFT in Patna? Well, you are in the right place for this week's blog, we at AFS Patna have brought you inside scoop from NIFT alumni and talk about the various factors that you should consider before you decide on anything concrete. So let's get started.

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Prepare for a lot of fashion shows

At colleges like NIFT and NID, you will probably see more fashion shows happening than a photographer for Fashion TV. With weekly and monthly events conducted for the betterment of its students, design colleges generally have a lot of events that showcase its student's talents and work to the outside world. Don't be surprised if you find yourself thinking about drapes and lines during one of those many sleepless nights before an event. Also, be prepared for the Jury to try to test you on different aspects of designing at NIFT, so you will probably get pretty good at thinking on your feet and be better prepared for the many challenges ahead. After you have cracked the NIFT entrance exams are done with your 4 years at NIFT, one of the topmost designing colleges in the country, be ready to sore to new career heights!

Get your beauty sleep now

Well, I guess the heading says it all. Our NIFT and NID alumni swear up and down that they haven't had a straight week where they slept through the night, and apparently were always interrupted with submissions, jury round and theory papers. And parties, a lot of them. Don't be surprised to find yourself in a party on campus at 3 AM because apparently, that's how folks at the top design colleges in the country roll. Crack the NIFT entrance exams to have a fun 4 years at your dream college and become a top-notch fashion designer now.

More hands-on and less theory:

After you are done with your NIFT entrance exams and your classes at NIFT, you will probably find yourself at a fashion boutique in Mumbai, or somewhere far fancier. However, don't be alarmed if you find yourself not using any of the things you learnt at NIFT but learning new things instead, well, that's life. Designing is not always about theory, and as its fashion, it changes, sometimes drastically. So be prepared to forget what you learnt and try to be savvy and smart to quickly grasp new things and apply them to your work to the best fashion designer you can be.

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