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Life at NIFT- Textile Designing Industry:

Are you interested in the Textile Industry and looking for a few insider tips from your seniors at NIFT before you decide on a major life choice? Well, you are in the right place. For in today's blog, just like the previous week, we have brought another edition of Life At NIFT, and today we will be talking about the Textile Design Industry and more. So without further ado, let's get started. But before we get started, it is essential to know what Textile Designing really is, so on with it then!

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What is Textile Designing?

The study at top design colleges such as NIFT and NID offer Textile Designing Courses which offer the students a chance to learn to weave, crochet, press together or dye different types of textiles to come up with a mix or a completely new textile design for further designing. A combination of these and more constitute in total the Textile Design Industry.

Cracked NIFT Entrance exam, Ready to Join the Textile Industry?

Done with your NIFT entrance exams and ready to join the prestigious NIFT colleges? Well, congratulations are in order then! Kudos on making it this far and becoming one of the top design enthusiasts in India. But now that you have cracked one of the toughest exams in India, are you ready for the future and ready to join one of the courses at NIFT? Become a leader amongst the textile designers in Patna and India by studying the Textile Designing course at NIFT.

Things to keep in mind before choosing Textile Designing at NIFT:

    During the first year at NIFT, you will be introduced to different textile designing techniques such as weaving, printing, embroidery and dying. These will help you get better at understanding the various techniques of Textile designing and will prepare you for the upcoming classes.
    During your second year at NIFT studying Textile Industry, you will see your skills improve in various fields like design, technical marketing and communication skills. Students will be introduced to new craft techniques and will also do a Crafts Survey to familiarize you to a crafts environment.
    During the last years at NIFT, the academics will be focussed on improving and fine-tuning your skills and understanding of the Textile industry through various elective courses and a final graduation project.

The best NIFT coaching institute in Patna- AFS Patna:

Want to be a part of one of the most prestigious colleges in India? Are you preparing for the NIFT entrance exams and not getting anywhere by yourself? We would recommend you join one of the top NIFT coaching institutes in Patna to solidify your chances of making it into the few hundreds who crack the NIFT entrance exams. The best NIFT coaching institute in Patna is AFS Patna, with state of the art teaching amenities and faculty straight from top design colleges like NIFT and NID and a foolproof teaching method that results in the most successful NIFT applications amongst all in India. With such qualities and more, AFS Patna is indeed the best NIFT coaching institute in Patna.

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