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A Comprehensive list of Top NIFT Coaching Institutes in Patna: AFS Patna:

The name itself spells excellence. AFS Patna is one of the best NIFT coaching institute in Patna among all top 5 NIFT coaching institutes in Patna. It provides you with many other facilities and introduces you to experts and world famous from the respective fields so as to increase knowledge and develop innovation and inspiration in the minds of young designers. AFS not only helps in developing the creative minds to the professional level but also enhance the personality of an individual and make them ready to face the world with confidence. AFS is one of the best design institutes in Patna and possesses all the quality to be treated as a symbol and a benchmark for design in Bihar. It also has an important recognition in the Best Coaching Institute of INDIA.

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Choose the One and Only, AFS Patna::

At AFS Patna, education, teaching methodology is similar to top design colleges. It gives complete exposure to the process of design; one can get a guideline on each step from the very beginning to portfolio building. AFS Patna has well-designed infrastructure for students as well as a managed art studio to work, spacious digital classrooms, peaceful library etc. It provides a rich collection of study material along with a healthy, sound and friendly environment. The institution not only provides top skilled design faculty but also direct exposure to toppers and experts from top colleges and industry. Over here you will find many other NIFT coachings in Patna but AFS Patna is the best one among all.

AFS Patna Team:

Our team of highly educated teachers in 8:8 ratio for creative and general fields, who give their level best and ensure 100% result whether that may take time frame as 6,9, 12 or 16 months depending upon the field and grasping the capacity of a student. We provide you with Top-20 Test Series, sample papers, knowledgeable rich study material and a library which will act as a solution to every problem related to design. Under the teaching pattern of AFS, all students start with the general group and with evaluation through test series and one to one communication with expert faculties they are promoted to achiever and winner groups respectively. AFS Patna also provides special facilities to Winner 50 students, to help them achieve Top Ranks. Classes here are all so interesting and engrossing that it is almost impossible to recall the general scatter. In other words, it is a medley of tastes that come together to reveal a dominant rasa. Among the top 5 NIFT coaching institutes in Patna, we have NIFT coaching in Patna.

AFS Patna Infrastructure:

AFS Patna is specially designed for NIFT coaching only we provide better and modern infrastructure for our students starting from coming to the institute to classes and doing self-study after classes. Our best efforts in building AFS infrastructure includes the following points and we are unique among all top 5 NIFT coaching institutes in Patna.AFS is located at the heart of Patna, Boring road, which makes it easily accessible, with fast transportation mediums. We provide big, spacious and centralized air-conditioned rooms. It has a Wi-Fi campus so that student can connect to the world and learn. We also provide lodging and food facility for outsider students. AFS has online study portal for students to study and practice at home whenever you want you can enjoy your AFS classes. Our AFS has well structured and digital Library with high-class study material for all courses. We are the best NIFT coaching in Patna, AFS Patna. We provide audio-visual classes and seminars with design experts, organizes creative workshops and interactive conference meeting with many fashion designers and big artists. AFS has a very unique system of grading the creativity and innovation skill of any student during their presence at the AFS campus. Classrooms arranged in such a way that makes one feel as if they are working in an art gallery. Classes here are so interesting and gripping that it is almost impossible to recall the general sector. We are one of the best NIFT coaching institutes in Patna.

AFS Students:

Design and Architecture is a skill-based carrier fields, which leads to steady practice and study approach also becomes student-centric and we believe that students must be promoted and morally boosted up. So that they can do good in their career. AFS Patna takes a few initiatives like, along with giving the opportunity to perform, AFS respects their first topper students with exclusive library facility laptop-camera. Online study portal, steady creative workshops. All topper students get an opportunity to go inside the AFS classroom studio to interact with students which helps to improve their personality also that is why AFS Patna is one of the best NIFT coaching institutes in Patna among top 5 NIFT coaching institutes in Patna.

You can check the list of top 5 NIFT coaching institutes in Patna:

PAHAL Design Patna: PAHAL Design Patna is of the best NIFT coaching in Patna. They care about each and every student. Faculties are extremely good and talented.

RFS NIFT NID Coaching Institute: RFS is the best coaching in Patna. Best classroom with best faculty members.The excellence of 19 years Advice from designing students and parents: RFS is the design studio, which is also authentic and creative.

Batch Plus Classes: Batch Plus Classes is one of the best NIFT coaching Institute in Patna among top 5 NIFT coaching Institutes in Patna as every year 5 to 10 students crack NIFT entrance exam.

AFA PATNA: One of the best NIFT coaching institutes in Patna. Faculties are a very talented maximum of them are from NIFT ex- faculty members. Students and environment both are excellent with high knowledge.

PAHAL Design: Best NIFT institute coaching in Patna. Teachers are very good and talented they have deep knowledge in the NIFT entrance exam.

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