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How to Crack NIFT entrance exams with AFS Patna:

The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Delhi, is the bull's eye for hundreds and thousands of design and fashion aspirants. They spend endless hours to prepare for the entrance exam of this famous institute with the help of NIFT tutorials. The hard work of the aspirants doesn't end there. The fashion students also spend a quality amount of time and money practising crafts with different materials and exercising their creative side. Before you think about NIFT first thing comes to your mind How to crack NIFT Entrance Exams? Nowadays there are many coaching institutes where you can take special coaching for your NIFT entrance exam. Have you ever heard of AFS Patna? If the answer's yes, well then I guess you have chosen the best coaching NIFT coaching in Patna. AFS Patna one of the top NIFT coaching institute in Patna.

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AFS Patna the Top Institute For Your Career:

AFS Patna is India's premier entrance-coaching institute focusing at NIFT and NID. Entrance Examination. Established in 2018, AFS Patna, the best NIFT coaching in Patna has given successful results all through. Every now and then we face frequent questions asked by students and Parents as they are very much confused about the word called DESIGN. Our answer is very simple –“People think that artists and designers are the same kinds of professionals. The basic note of differentiation is that designers design, construct and built, however, artists create, express and imagine. Designers make brochures, flyers, postcards or business cards etc; however, artists indulge in painting, sketching and making sculptures. The thing that goes with artist and designers both is that both are different and both are equally capable and talented, as skill and talent is something that is expected in both professions.” We AFS Patna help our students for NIFT coaching as much as they want from us. We think that your basic must be strong if you crack NIFT entrance exams then you can easily achieve your dream.
Following the same node AFS Patna is providing its services in wider scale through 2 years/ 1 year/ short term classes and postal programs to crack the entrance examination of leading design schools like NID and NIFT Apart we provide classroom programme for top ranking design. We honestly consider our principles as supreme and try to observe these principles both in letter and in strength at all times provide top superiority education to students, Give students more than what we promise them, Act in the best interests of students at all times. For a few reasons, our AFS Patna is the best NIFT coaching in Patna.

AFS Patna: NIFT Entrance Exam:

We felt that there is a huge void in terms of proper analysis of the aspirants and their guardians and the quality that the test preparation institutes have to offer. We took this challenge, constituted a team that proved itself as one of the best in the country, worked extensively on the curriculum day in and day out, experimented with the classroom delivery and came out with the most pioneering tools of learning, took student and parent counselling as a challenge and as a result, today we boast of our empathetic and robust counselling system. Our students from Lucknow, Bhopal, and Delhi, Kerala, Mumbai and other parts of the country have testified the same and we enjoy one of the best feedback from the student community. How to crack NIFT entrance exams in Patna is a very important question! Relax we are sharing you few tips of ours so that you get a clear idea about our how AFS Patna teaches for NIFT entrance:

  • We think practice is the key to success. Try to sketch anything and everything you come across NID Studio Test 2
  • Try to browse through various newspapers, magazines and online sites and research more about the uniqueness
  • You give you various ideas advertisements, posters, banners etc., you come across.
  • Always keep your eraser away from you while practising. It will help your lines become bolder and co
  • You must give more importance to detailing where ever required, like the face of a human figure or the human’s outfits etc.
  • Always try to master the skills of human illustration. Concentrate more on proport
  • Inscription skills come handy in posters, banner design, etc.
  • Stick to the prescribed syllabus of the NIFT entrance exams.
  • While making sketching first make a light sketch for your use and later dim the drawing once you are positive about it. This helps you save time erasing mistakes.

We give these types of tips to our students this is only a few If you join AFS Patna, the best NIFT Coaching in Patna you will get millions to tips for NIFT entrance exams.

Team at AFS Patna:

The journey began in 2018 with a single mentor, the founder himself, and a small group of students took the first NIFT challenge with just 30 days of preparation. The results were so encouraging that the team has been growing at a rapid pace since then. Today, our team of mentors includes Design of national fame, NIFT qualifiers and graduates. AFS Patna Curriculum is a result of extensive brainstorming over the needs of the students to target the key areas of the most challenging exams in Design. Our team has spent over 10,000 person hours in designing the study packages that have won the best feedbacks. We keep involving people from various domains who are of relevance for our course offerings and we are inducting more professionals including Designers into our team. AFS Patna is the best NIFT Coaching in Patna our students can trust us blindly by seeing the results of the past year. If you join at AFS Patna your time and money both will not be wasted because we care for you. By walking on the street you will get many advertisements for NIFT coaching exam that you will get crack within 15 days and a lot more but that is not true. If you are really planning for How to crack NIFT Entrance Exams in Patna? Then you have to join AFS Patna best for your NIFT entrance exam.

AFS Patna - Classroom and Facilities:

AFS Patna state-of-the-art study centre in Patna and the exceptional learning system takes NIFT entrance Exams to the next level and places Patna on the national map. Today, we offer the widest range of services to the aspirants of these courses, right from the classroom coaching to the Portfolio Development and we are ambitious about adding more for our students. We maintain a helpful infrastructure that stimulates the learning in a broader sense. With hard work classrooms, library facility, reading room, counselling room, design Studio and audio-video equipped systems, our facilitators make it easy for the students to assimilate the concepts with enjoyable hands-on exercises. All these facilities make you easy for NIFT entrance exam. In Patna, there are many other NIFT coaching but we AFS Patna is on the top. Our services include. Study material packages for entrance exams NID and NIFT and Online or Offline Test packages for these exam categories.
If you are interested please come and join the best NIFT coaching in Patna. One of the top NIFT coaching institute i.e. AFS Patna.

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