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AFS Patna is the best among Top 5 NIFT coaching institute in Patna:

Do you observe what everyone is wearing? Do you stay on top of the latest trends in clothing and the trimmings? Do you have a passion for fashion? If so, then you should think about a career in fashion design. The first and foremost thing that is required is the best coaching institute in Patna. From the design board to the display area floor, there are many steps involved in bringing fashionable clothing to the marketplace. Many highly skilled people are model makers, involved-designers, cutters, fabric experts, photographers, wholesalers, stitches, and fashion models. With the proper guide training, you could be one of them. We, at AFS Patna, the best NIFT coaching in Patna have compiled for you a list of the top 5 NIFT coaching institutes in Patna for you.

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Who Are AFS Patna:

We AFS Patna got an exceptionally good result by getting more than 80% student's get selected to NIFT only. Remaining student gets selected in Institutes like FDDI, PEARL etc. It is bound to give excellent coaching experience to students. We also provide Coaching to both VA and PG courses of NIFT & NID. We have a collection of Faculties from NIFT and NID who are always in contact with us. We are proud to say that AFS Patna maintains a long Journey of giving the best result in Previous Year. We can proudly declare that more than 100+ students get selected in previous 1 Years. We have a long list of selected students but this journey just begins. There is many other NIFT coaching institutes in Patna but on Boring Road, we are the best. Among top 5 NIFT coaching institute in Patna. Our main objective is to provide our students with the right skill sets to bring about a transformation in their analytical, logical thinking and critical. AFS Patna is an independent private coaching and tutorial centre that prepares and counsels academically qualified students to pursue the right careers in the field of Fashion. AFS Patna is known as one of the top NIFT coaching institutes in Patna.

Why AFS Patna is so Special:
Students Profile:

Besides, the student, with a firm eye on a career, AFS Patna also welcomes the serious unpaid with a discriminating eye and a creative mind, who is willing to devote the time and effort. AFS Patna always appreciates the skills owned by the students but the teaching philosophy at AFS Patna is that the organization takes its responsibilities to see that students have the necessary information and confidence. Students are taught all the skills they require. However, our ideal is not so much to teach a student, as to help his or her learn. AFS Patna count as one of the top 5 NIFT coaching institute in Patna one of the best NIFT coaching institute in Patna.

Academic Values:

The most important character imparted through AFS Patna academic approach is the ability to think in competition and holistically. We promote the idea of innovation and to learn through creative searching and experimentation. AFS Patna learning has traditionally provided the excellent depth of fashion experience,including interactive learning; a focus on imaginative problem solving, and opportunities for testing and do research.To broaden the curricular experience, the approach is to put together all the learning to enhance practical thinking in students. The overall structure of the AFS Patna program is a combination of theory, skills, tips and methodologies to crack NIFT exam. One of the best coaching institutes in Patna. For weak students and those who joined late due to some unavoidable circumstances, remedial classes are held so that they can be balanced with regular students

Training Methodology

AFS Patna follows an exclusive highly praised instruction method (D-I-V-E) where right from beginning a student is encouraged to learn by experimenting with all different aspects of a problem. Students are encouraged to create new ideas and evolve solutions as they tackle problems from first principles. Solutions are rarely spoon-fed to students; rather the student discovers his or her own methodologies by creative problem-solving. Both normal and critical method is evolved and refined with each following task and test - to finally peak with the main NIFT examination. The main focus of our NIFT coaching institute in Patna session is not just to impart information but also to see that students get the utmost helpful tips and can answer well in examinations. Our importance is to let students exercise their logical skills and show them to follow some simple and quick exact principles.


Along with that, we have a department and centre coordinators who take care of individual student's needs, concerns, problems, and feedback. AFS Patna assimilates the best of practices, which include attendance follow-up, Personal coordination, reviews on their performance to students, appreciation program, marks records, to keep up the inspiration levels in students. These activities make AFS Patna the best both at management and academics. We are one of the top 5 NIFT coaching institute in Patna among rest of the NIFT coaching institute in Patna.

Infrastructure Facilities

AFS learning has state of the art infrastructure to conduct their coaching sessions easily meeting their whole end-to-end necessities. It has a well- designed and elaborate classroom for training sessions. AFS Patna has spacious classrooms. AFS Patna has proper and comfortable seating arrangements. We have digital classrooms with the latest fashion designs. AFS Patna general course material specifically written with the actual NIFT exam in mind. People in Patna rated AFS Patna as one of the top 5 NIFT coaching institutes in Patna.
If you are still thinking about your career then come and contact us because we are always ready to help you out. Our AFS Patna is one of the top 5 NIFT coaching institutes in Patna.

Including AFS Patna there are also top 5 NIFT coaching institute in Patna you can have a brief look about this institute:
PAHAL Design Patna:

Best Fashion Designing Institute in Patna. PAHAL Design Patna is a quality based Institution.

Batch Plus Classes, NIFT Coaching in Patna, Top NIFT Coaching in Patna

Batch Plus is not just a coaching centre for training of design entrance exams. It is a team of 50 young and dynamic brains who have a plus factor in them.

RFS Design Studio-Best Coaching Institute for NIFT NID NATA B.Arch Entrance Exam:

One of the top NIFT coaching institutes in Patna. Here faculties are extremely well educated. Students have an active knowledge regarding fashion designing.


They make students understand their dream into reality by getting success into India's prestigious NIFT entrance exam

Designer Nexus:

They invite our students to be a part of this stimulating learning atmosphere. Their teams forward to you joining the Designer Nexus understand to new examination and techniques through new materials, experiment and change your thought for better changes in this world.

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